Free SampleTank 3 CS now offers full editing and import features

SampleTank 3 CS just got even better.
SampleTank 3 CS just got even better.

SampleTank 3 Custom Shop already represented a pretty sweet deal - a free software sound module that you can top up with more content as and when you like - but now IK Multimedia is giving you even more bang for your no-buck.

The latest version of the software removes all editing and import limitations in comparison to the paid-for SampleTank. So, you have a full arsenal of filters, LFOs and envelopes to work with, and can import both third-party samples and your own sounds. There's also compatibility with IK's legacy 32-bit libraries (such as SampleMoog, Sonik Synth 2 and SampleTron) as well as all current SampleTank 3 libraries.

Of course, there's plenty of content included with SampleTank 3 CS right from the off - 1.8GB of samples and 30 instruments, to be precise.

You can download SampleTank 3 CS now from the IK Multimedia website. It runs standalone and as a plugin on PC and Mac.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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