FREE PSP VST/AU delay plugin with Computer Music 235

True legends in the world of audio plugins, PSP Audioware are the Polish DSP masters behind bona fide classics such as VintageWarmer2 and the MixPack2 bundle… but their latest release isn't one you'll find on the PSP website, because it's totally exclusive to CM!

Thanks to cmDelay, readers of issue 235 get their hands on a versatile delay plugin that's equally at home cooking up simple delays or ping-pong effects as it is monster modulations. With its internal tape-style limiter, cmDelay will blow your mind, creating otherworldly sustaining soundscapes, screaming filtered drones, or ultra-dense noise loops. It makes an incredible chorus/flanger plugin as well -check out the tutorial videos with the magazine to check out cmDelay's talents in full!


  • Delay Time control with Tap-tempo and Glide options
  • Low-pass and high-pass filter combo
  • Ping-pong control for stereo delay effects
  • LFO to modulate delay times and create chorus/flange effects
  • Control over LFO rate, wave and spread
  • Feed function for controlling when audio is sent to the delay
  • VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plugin for use in most DAWs

If you need more power, check out cmDelay's bigger brother, stompDelay. It offers more LFO wave shapes, deep MIDI control functions, smoothly adjustable ping-pong and stereo image, ducking, infinite loop mode and more. CM readers get a massive 60% off the full version of stompDelay using the code found in CM issue 235!

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