FREE MIDI Scales App with Computer Music

This month's free Computer Musicsoftware giveaway is a tad unusual in that it's not a plugin, but a standalone MIDI processing app. AutoTonic CM is an advanced real-time MIDI note transposer that effectively quantises the pitch of any notes you play on your MIDI keyboard to notes that conform to a scale of your choosing. It's available to readers of Computer Music 240.

It then passes the new note information to the destination of your choice - ie, a software instrument in your DAW.Instead of playing both the black and white keys on your keyboard controller, in AutoTonic CM, the black keys are used as toggle switches to call up preset scale maps that you then play using only the white keys. So you can sound like a top-notch keys player without the hassle of learning any new scales!


  • Two keyboard displays to show input notes (blue) and output notes (yellow)
  • Use white keys to play scale, use black keys to select between different scales
  • Scale Modifier graphic displays intervals present in the active scale
  • For use with Mac systems, see
  • For use with Windows systems, see

AutoTonic CM is the little brother of the full AutoTonic software ($179). If you love our version, check out the full thing at the AutoTonic website.

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