Free Korg Volca Beats sim released for Live

Developer and self proclaimed 'Ableton Live guru' AfroDJMac has released a free Ableton Drum Rack using samples from the Korg Volca Beats analogue drum machine.

Volca Beats retails at around £119/$150, and was deemed to be "perfect for producers that are tight on space but want analogue drums without breaking the bank" in our recent Music Radar review (read the Volca Beats review here).

Ableton users will now be able to simulate sixteen sounds from the drum machine on AfroDJMac's free Drum Rack, which also includes an Audio FX Rack titled 'The Drum Smash!' for added saturation and compression.

Find out more about the Volca Beats drum sim over here, and if you're tempted by the real thing too, here's the Volca Series page on