FREE Hardware-modelled EQ plugin with issue 239 of Computer Music

Famous for their breathtakingly realistic virtual recreations of classic outboard mixing processors, Acustica Audio are the revered Italian developers behind Nebula, the popular convolution-style 'hardware sampling' plugin, and the gorgeous Acqua range of effects processors. Now, readers of Computer Music issue 239 get a taste of their analogue-modelling talents with Pink CM, a stylish analogue-style EQ in VST/AU/AAX formats.

Pink CM is cut from the same cloth as Acustica's Pink plugin, the API-style channel strip which we scored 10/10 in our review from issue 234. It features four bands of meticulously modelled EQ filters to massage your signals into perfection.


  • Trim the Input/Output levels by +/-24dB for gain staging
  • Input Trim automatically compensates output level
  • Four bands of EQ with selectable frequency and level
  • Low and high frequency bands switchable between shelf/bell modes
  • Preamp on/off toggle switch
  • Signal overshoot indicator light

If you love your copy of Pink CM, don't forget to check out the full version of Pink, which adds an analogue-modelled compressor for the full API-style experience. Also take a look at the rest of the Acqua range, available on the Acustica Audio website.

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