Focusrite designer reveals the secrets of high-quality A-D and D-A audio conversion

It almost goes without saying that high-quality analogue-to-digital (A-D) and digital-to-analogue (D-A) conversion is crucial if you want to produce a great-sounding audio interface, and Focusrite is a company that's been working at perfecting it for longer than most.

The company's first digital converter was released in 1996 as part of the Blue range of mastering processors. The Blue 245 A-D was designed by digital audio expert Dr Dave Malham, who at the time was at the University of York, and in the video above you can see him discussing what led him into his profession and what makes a high-quality digital audio conversion system.

If you want to learn more about Focusrite's approach to digital audio conversion, head on over to the Focusrite website.