eJay eQuality: Interface screenshots revealed

The eQuality interface doesn't reinvent the wheel.
The eQuality interface doesn't reinvent the wheel.

MusicRadar briefed you on eJay's new eQuality range of software several weeks ago, but only now has the company released shots of the program's interface.

To be honest, the new images don't actually tell us that much - they simply confirm that the eQuality apps will adhere to standard DAW visual conventions - but it does seem that eJay is going for a more 'serious' look and feel this time around.

To recap, there will be four titles in the eQuality range - Dance, Urban, Rock and Professional - with each being based on a completely new audio engine. Plug-in and MIDI support will be in place, while the Professional Edition will also benefit from ReWire compatibility.

One further thing to note is that the launch of the eQuality products has been pushed back to January 2009.

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