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EAReverb 2 plugin offers new algorithms and modes of operation

eaReckon has revised and rebooted EAReverb, its "100% algorithmic reverb plugin". EAReverb 2 features the same core engine as its predecessor, but adds new algorithms and functionality in a revised user interface.

There are now six algorithms (Natural, Bright, Alu Box, Auditorium, Plate and Reverse), each of which gives you a different-sounding reverb to work with. What's more, you can use EAReverb 2 in three modes: Pro offers access to all parameters and modules; SE gives you limited controls but a faster workflow; and POS provides specific tools for setting the location of sounds in the space that's being simulated.

In addition, there are advanced Multi-Band and Gate modules, along with an Early Reflection editor. 89 presets are included, which can be browsed from the Preset Manager.

EAReverb 2 is available now in all major plugin formats priced at €99 (the price will rise to €129 after 27 December). The upgrade from version 1 can be had for €45 (regular price is €59). You can find out more, place an order and download the demo on the eaReckon website.