Don't lose it down the sofa: Apogee's audio interfaces get their own remote control

Apogee has announced the arrival of Control, a hardware remote control accessory designed for use with the Element Series and Symphony I/O Mk II audio interfaces.

Featuring a large Symphony-inspired control knob and three focus buttons, you're able to quickly gain access to both input and output levels. On top of that, you have control over a wide range of functions using the eight user-configurable buttons.

Apogee Control connects directly to your Mac using a USB cable and is sold as a separate accessory. The unit is available now for $195 and works with the Element Series out of the box, with compatibility with the Symphony I/O Mk II arriving in the first quarter of 2017.

Apogee Control features

  • Hardware remote accessory for Symphony I/O Mk II and Element series I/O interfaces
  • Symphony-inspired Control Knob plus Input, Headphones and Speaker control knob focus buttons for lightning access to input and output levels
  • 8 user-assignable buttons offer a wide variety of functions
  • Connects to Mac with supplied USB cable
  • Compatible with Symphony I/O Mk II, Element 24, Element 46 and Element 88 audio interfaces
Simon Arblaster
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