DMG Audio announces Dualism 'stereo toolkit'

Get your stereo sorted with DMGAudio Dualism
Get your stereo sorted with DMGAudio Dualism

DMG Audio's latest plugin for Mac and PC, Dualism, was originally conceived as a "mastering tool to allow for easy A/Bs between tracks", but developed in the lab into something altogether more versatile - a "fully equipped stereo toolkit", no less.

Dual inputs enable two separate signals to be mixed, with M/S-to-stereo conversion, channel mute and flip, sample delay and phase inversion available to both.

The Output section comprises a range of processing stages, starting with high-pass filters for the mid and side signals (at slopes between 6db and 48dB/octave). These are followed by a stereo matrix, in which the mid and side channels can be fed into each other, while the Width of the stereo image can be set anywhere from mono to 800% that of the source signal.

Balance and separate left/right Pan controls complete the processing picture, and a monitoring section hosts various solo controls, mid/side encoding, Dim and Mute.

Pleased to meter

Dualism's comprehensive and highly configurable metering is also a headline feature. Multiple analysers can be open in the GUI at once, with three sizes of graph to choose from (small, large and fullscreen), and the modules themselves comprise FFT Analyser, 1/N Octave, 2D and 3D Spectrographs, Lissajous, Scope (a standard oscilloscope), Phase Meter, Bit Scope, Loudness Meters, Loudness History, Phase Spectrum and RMS Analyser. A tool tray on each graph gives access to pause/resume, reset and screenshot dump functions.

Dualism looks to be another deep, powerful plugin from Dave Gamble's revered development house. You can buy it right now for £165 (rising to £175 on August 15) from the DMG Audio website.