Did Yello play a gig without plugging in their synths?

Look, no wires.
Look, no wires.

UPDATE: Yello's Boris Blank has said of the above photo: "that photo is misleading as it was shot during setup before the rig was finished." It was captured from a video featuring performance footage, but could plausibly have come from B-roll footage taken before the show.

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We'd love to live in world without cables, but if you're an electronic musician, they're a fact of life. Well, we thought they were, but it looks like Yello might have other ideas.

Eagle-eyed Matrixsynth user D' Naab 136 user spotted something while watching a video of Boris Blank and Dieter Meier's recent show at Kraftwerk Berlin. Or, rather, he didn't spot something.

Firstly, there was a distinct lack of patch cables on some of the modular synths, and the still above shows that the band's Modor NF-1 synth wasn't plugged into anything at all.

All of which is rather strange. Our best guess is that the show was actually being run from the laptop you can see, and that the synths were just there to make the rig look more impressive, but we're only speculating.

The incident calls to mind the time when Justice were forced to explain why the Akai MPD24 they were gigging with didn't have a USB cable plugged into the back of it. In that case, the band said that it had simply fallen out mid show.

(Via Matrixsynth)

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