Dave Smith takes the feedback out of the Evolver, Pro2 and Prophet 12 for third Eurorack module

Dave Smith Instruments has announced its third Eurorack module, the DSM03 Feedback.

The module features a tuned feedback line with adjustable parameters for Amount and Tuning. Also included is a newly-designed, resonant, low-pass filter which will allow for further signal processing.

Throwing more options into the sonic palette is a noise source with Trigger In, that when combined with the Attack and Decay envelope controls should get you up and running with some Karplus-Strong-type plucked string synthesis.

According to Dave Smith: "We adapted the feedback feature originally found in our Evolver, Pro 2, and Prophet 12 synths. The idea is that you have a tuned feedback loop that takes the audio output, runs it back through the filter, then through a delay line so you can perform Karplus-Strong synthesis - or just use it for mangling sounds."

The resonant, low-pass filter may be a completely new digital design, buy it is based partially on classic analogue filters of the past. The 4-pole filter also features oversampling and, according to Dave: "numerous tweaks in the signal path."

"There was no attempt to copy or duplicate a specific, existing filter. We simply wanted to provide a great-sounding design that works well both in the feedback context and as a standalone tone-shaping tool," Smith adds.

The Eurorack module is 10HP wide, with inputs allowing individual voltage control of feedback amount, tuning, low-pass filter frequency and filter resonance.

You also get one audio input and one audio output alongside the audio trigger input for the noise source. The digital filter's signal path provides full 24-bit, 96kHz resolution for superior audio fidelity.

The DSM03 Feedback module is available now for $275. Head over to the Dave Smith Instruments website for more.

Simon Arblaster
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