D16 promises better bit crushing with Decimort 2 plugin

We've got a bit of a crush on this one...
We've got a bit of a crush on this one...

With a name that calls to mind a baddie out of Harry Potter, you'd expect D16's Decimort to have destructive powers, and this high-quality lo-fi effect can indeed do abusive things to your audio.

Now we can confirm that version 2 has been released, complete with additions to the signal flow and more control options.

Specifically, D16 says that the new features include:

  • Two optional anti-alias filters - For greater control over "the desired" artifacts; resampler's aliasing and images.
  • Adjustable Jitter - Which introduces short-period, random fluctuations to the resampling frequency, producing a type of harmonic distortion you've likely never heard in this context.
  • Two quantization methods - The mid-raiser and mid-treat decimation algorithms (DC Shift switch), each of them characterized by a drastically different dynamics response
  • Controllable dithering - Dithering conceptually developed as means to reduce audible quantization errors by masking the harmonic distortions they cause. Here controllable to increase number of ways in which you can (mal)treat the sound.

There's also an updated plugin framework that offers tag-based preset management and alternative UI sizes.

Decimort 2 is available now, and existing users can upgrade for €9 (rising to €19 after 15 February). The plugin is available in VST/AU/AAX formats for €39. Find out more on the D16 website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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