Burial announces new single release

The enigmatic producer is set to release his first solo single since 2007.
The enigmatic producer is set to release his first solo single since 2007.

Feels a bit like déjà vu doesn't it? It was only last week that we brought you news of that new Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet single. Well now there's yet more new Burial material to get your ears around - his first proper solo release since 2007.

Yesterday (in a similar turn of events to last week's) much-respected electronic label Hyperdub announced a new 12-inch single release by the elusive London producer, due to arrive next Monday 28 March.

The single will be made up of three tracks Street Halo, NYC and Stolen Dog, two of which were previewed by Hyperdub boss Kode 9 during a guest mix on Radio 1 last night. You can stream audio rips of those two tracks below, but Kode 9's whole mix - which can be streamed via BBC iPlayer - is definitely worth a listen too.

Listen: Burial - Street Halo

Listen: Burial - Stolen Dog

To our ears, Street Halo is easily one of the most upbeat things we've heard from the producer, while Stoolen dog is more classic 'spacey' Burial. Needless to say they're both pretty great. Let us know your thoughts.

The vinyl single can be pre-ordered here.

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