Brainworx release the bx_stereomaker

The bx_stereomaker is designed to make stereo signals out of mono ones. According to the boffins at Brainworx it creates a virtual stereo signal by using analogue-style filters. This then enables you to solo this virtual stereo signal and tweak it.

The overall goal is to help in both making mono signals stereo, while allowing the producer to balance the centre of the stereo signal, paying particular attention to the frequency range.

bx_stereomaker is part of the new Brainworx Rock 'n' Roll line and will be available from 27 August 27 2012 for $129.

bx_stereomaker official info

This is how it all started: I remember sitting in a studio in Russia a few years ago, producing an album featuring James LaBrie (of "Dream Theater") and running into a serious problem with one of the mixes we had to finish. The only way to solve it was to use M/S technology, and we went nuts to setup an M/S EQ in the analog mixing room, but somehow we did and it worked just great. "I wished there was a plug-in EQ with M/S features…"

When I came back to Germany I started the layout of the concept that would eventually become the bx_digital V1 plugin and the bx_1 analog EQ later on.

Luckily enough I was able to find the right people at that time to turn the idea into our first BX plugin within a few months only. By now I have a very talented and motivated team around me, and BX has gone a long way ever since.

We hope you'll enjoy the info and the tools you will find on our site, and we would like to say thank you to everybody out there for your continuing support.

Dirk & the BX Team.

bx_stereomaker is part of the new Brainworx Rock´n´Roll line.
It will be available individually or as a part of the Pro version of bx_rockrack!

List price $129