Auto-Tune Phone for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch released

Auto-Tune Phone: great for confusing your mum.
Auto-Tune Phone: great for confusing your mum.

Antares has announced that Auto-Tune Phone for iOS is now available. Produced in collaboration with NewHula, this enables you to make calls in an Auto-Tuned voiced over VoIP (meaning that it's compatible with not just the iPhone but also the iPad and iPod touch) and can also be used to process the voice of the other caller.

Of course, we've seen an Auto-Tuning app before in the shape of Smule's I Am T-Pain, but it appears that this new app is now the official Antares-endorsed solution.

Auto-Tune Phone is available now for the introductory price of £1.49. That includes 30 minutes of call time - you can buy more time as an in-app purchase.

Auto-Tune Phone press release

Antares Audio Technologies has announced the availability of Auto-Tune Phone, the first (and only) iPhone app that lets users use the genuine Auto-Tune Vocal Effect live on real-time phone calls. Developed by NewHula Inc. and incorporating Antares' world-standard pitch detection and correction technology, Auto-Tune Phone uses VoIP rather than the cellular network, allowing it to work on iPad and iPod Touch as well as the iPhone.

With Auto-Tune Phone, users can apply the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect just to their voice or to both theirs and the person's they're calling. Users can also record their calls and share them with their friends and the world via Facebook, Twitter & SMS.

Auto-Tune Phone key features:

  • Genuine Antares Auto-Tune technology
  • The ability to call any number in North America
  • The ability to apply Auto-Tune to the caller's voice or to the call recipient's as well
  • A free practice area where users can hone their Auto-Tune skills
  • The ability to record calls and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and via SMS
  • Includes 30 minutes of free outbound calling time
  • More calling time available via in-app purchase for only pennies a minute

"It's been great working with the talented folks at NewHula to bring Auto-Tune Phone to the iOS community," said Marco Alpert, Antares VP of Marketing, "Based on the fun we've been having with it here, we're confident that it will inspire whole new categories of telephonic amusement. Frankly, the mind boggles at the possibilities."

More Auto-Tune Phone information is available at the NewHula web site:

Auto-Tune Phone is available now on the iTunes App Store at an introductory price of $1.99. It includes 30 minutes of free outbound calling time, with more available via in-app purchase for only pennies a minute.

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