Audiomux 2 lets you use iOS apps as VST/AU plugins in your desktop DAW

Audiomux 2 could bring the mobile and desktop music making worlds even closer together
Audiomux 2 could bring the mobile and desktop music-making worlds even closer together.

No sooner have we reviewed Audiomux, the app that enables audio to be streamed between your iOS device and Mac via a single cable, than version 2 turns up with Windows support and some killer new features.

Foremost of these is VST and AU support, making it easier than ever to use your iOS apps within your desktop DAW (in fact, it should barely be any more difficult than calling up a plugin). Then there's Inter-App Audio integration (previously, Audiobus was required) plus an Inter-App Audio and Audiobus mixer with volume, mute and monitor controls.

Additionally, you can now stream up to eight tracks per device, and Inter-App Audio instruments can be loaded using Audiomux's new GUI.

You can find out more on the Audiomux and Midimux website - the app is available to buy together with Midimux (which is used for streaming MIDI) on the Apple App Store for £7.99/$9.99.

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