Audiobus mixer app MiMiX previewed

Ever wanted to route the outputs of all your currently-running Audiobus 2-enabled apps to a mixer? MiMiX for iPad will soon be on hand to enable you to do precisely that.

Put this in the Output slot of Audiobus 2 and you can then have volume, pan, mute and solo control of up to eight Audiobus-friendly apps. You can also monitor any port of the main mix using oscilloscopes or VU meters. It's even possible to insert MiMiX in Audiobus's Input slot so that its output can be sent to another app (an iOS DAW, for example) and recorded.

Specs below and video above - the price and release date are still to come, but you can find out a little more on the MiMiX website.

MiMiX features

  • Mix up to 8 Audiobus enabled apps including the system input or multiple channels of a multi-channel input hardware
  • Set the main mix volume level between -INF and +12dB
  • Set the volume level of each input port between -INF and +12dB
  • Set the panning or balance of each port (selectable)
  • Mute any port
  • Set any port to solo
  • Monitor any port or the main mix on the built-in oscilloscopes and VU meters
  • Control the main mix volume and volume, balance, mute and solo for each port using a MIDI controller or a Core MIDI app
  • Set the MIDI CC parameters of each control via MIDI learn
  • Set the MIDI channel and button behaviour in the System Settings
  • Double-tap on each knob or slider to set its default value
  • Check the saturation indicator for each port to check if the pots power reached 0dB
  • Check the clip indicator on the main mix to avoid clipping.
  • MiMiX uses a 32 bit integer engine so clipping can only occur at the main mix
Ben Rogerson

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