Audio Damage Axon is experimental sequencer/synth

Axon: no ordinary instrument.
Axon: no ordinary instrument.

A new plug-in from Audio Damage is always cause for celebration, and the company's hardcore fans will be pleased to know that Axon, the new 'neuron' sequencer and synth, seems to stick the experimental principles that are the hallmarks of AD's best work.

"Axon is a strange creature, and we won't tell you otherwise," says Audio Damage on its website. "Our goal was to come up with a new style of percussion sequencer/synth that wasn't linear and x0xy, and we succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

"The Neuron Sequencer in Axon is a fundamentally different way of thinking about rhythmic sequencing, and results in new patterns and styles that will bring your IDM, dance, and ambient tracks to another place."

Said sequencer is a seven-node hexagonal counter design, while sound comes courtesy of seven FM percussion-tuned voices. The sequencer can also be used to trigger other virtual instruments (provided you're using the VST version), and there's also a stereo delay and full MIDI Learn.

Summing up the plug-in, Audio Damage says: "We'll be the first to admit that Axon is an experimental tool, and isn't for everybody, but if your interests lie in the abstract realm, and you want to take your rhythm and melody programming to strange new worlds, this might be just the thing."

Audio Damage Axon costs $59 and is available for PC and Mac in VST and AU formats.

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