Allen & Heath announces Serato Itch DJ controller

The Xone:DX can be used with all major DJing software.
The Xone:DX can be used with all major DJing software.

PRESS RELEASE:Allen & Heathand Serato Audio Researchhaveannounced the launch of the Xone:DX, a newPlug'n'PlayDJcontroller,the result ofclosecollaboration between the two companies.The DX, another development inAllen & Heath'sXone:D range of controllers,isa20-channel USB soundcardand featurestotal integration of thebrandnew 4-deck Serato ITCH software.

Boasting the ability to send up to168 individual MIDIcontrol messages, a 20-channel 96kHz/24-bit USB 2.0 soundcard, two dual layer deck simulators, andRIAA/phonoinputs for external decks, as well as thecentral 4 channel mixer section which directly manipulates the DSP mixing within the computer,the Xone:DX is the most versatile, high specification professional DJ controllerto date.A full version of the new Serato ITCH software is supplied with the DX, providing unique 4-deck control, and a comprehensive set of digital DJ FX, as well as looping and time-stretching.

"Serato has always been an admirer of Allen & Heath's DJ hardware and we've watched the development of the Xone:D series of controllers with keen interest. In our opinion, Allen & Heath designsome ofthe best music production software controllers in the professional field," explains Serato MD,SteveWest. "Rather than a partnership to simply bundle our products, we wanted to collaborate with A&H at the drawing board stage, and design a product that would fully manipulate the new version of ITCH."

The Xone:DX is also fully compatible with other leading DJ software brands, and has Allen & Heath's customarypro modular design build and high quality components. Italso has bi-colour LED feedback layer assignment, UV light sensitive legend, mix outputs on RCA and balanced XLR, a separate booth output, and measures 50mm deep to fit conveniently in a laptop bag.

"Ever since we launched the MIDI-enabled Xone:92 in 2003, followed by the multi-media Xone:3D in 2005, we have strived to design controllers that would fulfil a digital DJ's wish list. The Xone:DX is the next step in this journey, with a versatile and wide-ranging set of features in a compact package," comments Xone designer, Andy Rigby-Jones.

See the Xone:DX unveiled at the BPM show, NEC,Birmingham, 3-4 October 2009.

Suggested retail price is £999 and shipping will commence in November 2009.

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