Affordable grand piano plug-in from Acoustica

Well, it certainly looks like a piano.
Well, it certainly looks like a piano.

Acoustica is the latest software developer to launch a virtual grand piano instrument. This goes by the name of Pianissimo, and emulates a Steinway Model D grand.

Pianissimo's sound is based on 250MB of sample content, but acoustic modelling technology is involved in the tone creation process, too. There's also an integrated reverb that's said to create a "highly realistic ambience that places the piano within a true acoustic space".

There are other features to aid realism as well. Resonance modelling recreates the shimmer of piano strings when the damper pedal is depressed, and you can dial in various mechanical noises. The position of the piano lid and velocity curve can be adjusted and there's a chorus effect.

Pianissimo promises to deliver 256 voices of polyphony and apparently has low CPU usage demands. It works as a VST plug-in or standalone on the PC. At $79, it's aggressively priced - you can find out more and download a 7-day demo version from the Acoustica website.

You can also watch a video demo below.

Ben Rogerson

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