Ableton Live beer: the ultimate live performance tool

A bottle of Lively Up Yourself yesterday It s empty now
A bottle of Lively Up Yourself, yesterday. It's empty now.

Most companies are happy to promote their products with T-shirts, bags and USB memory sticks, but Ableton's latest marketing ruse is to release a dedicated Pilsner beer.

'Lively Up Yourself' is a cheeky little number that was cooked-up by Focusrite, Ableton's UK distributors. As the label suggests, it tastes 'well-rounded and clean', and at 5.0% ABV, it's as much of an aid to live performance as the software that inspired its brewing.

In fact, this is one product that we're more than happy to test on a long-term basis - if any other music software company fancies developing a whisky that we can chase it with, drop us a line.