AAS Strum Electric GS-1: authentic guitar from a MIDI keyboard?

It looks a bit techy but AAS reckons it s nailed the electric sound with Strum Electric GS 1
It looks a bit techy, but AAS reckons it's nailed the electric sound with Strum Electric GS-1.

More details have been released regarding Strum Electric GS-1, Applied Acoustics Systems' plug-in-based solution for generating authentic electric guitar parts from a MIDI keyboard.

Preliminary specs were released last month, but we now know that AAS has used its physical modelling technology to simulate the role played by the pickups, strings and pick when an electric guitar is used.

Amp and speaker models are included too, as are several guitar-friendly effects. The voicing module, meanwhile, automatically makes chords played on a MIDI keyboard sound like they were played on a guitar.

Different playing techniques - strumming, palm-muting, picking and the like - can be emulated using special strumming keys or MIDI loops.

"Really versatile"

"Strum Electric includes both the modelling of the guitar and the amplifier," said Marc-Pierre Verge, CEO of AAS. "Add to this the integration of guitar player technique, automatic voicing, and effects and you obtain a really versatile tool that is able to recreate about any electric guitar sound."

Strum Electric GS-1 is expected to be shipping by the end of March and will run on Mac and PC as a VST, Audio Units and RTAS plug-in. It'll cost $229.