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TC Electronic releases a more affordable Clarity M in the Stereo edition

TC Electronic has announced the release of a more affordable version of its Clarity M hardware meter, moving away from 5.1 metering to focus purely on stereo mixes.

Much like the previous version, the Clarity M Stereo includes the dedicated stereo features, meters and visualisation tools. Also present are tools to analyse your mix for phase, balances, frequency distribution, loudness, clipping and mono compatibility.

Designed to fit right in to any studio set up the ‘M Stereo boasts 'seamless' DAW integration and presets, plus an offline plugin mode. Metering options include the LM6 Loudness Radar Meter, a ‘state-of-the-art’ true peak meter, downmix compliance, stereo correlation and an RTA (Real Time Analyser).

The Clarity M Stereo will be available to buy soon priced at $249.99 and more details can be found on the TC Electronic website.

Clarity M Stereo features

  • Stereo hardware meter
  • Seamless DAW integration
  • Precise real-time analyser
  • Customisable vector scope
  • Loudness Radar for measurements over time
  • Offline plugin mode
  • Mid/side Balance-O-Meter
  • Correlation meter
  • Support for 96 kHz digital stereo input
  • Application specific presets
  • Flexible display layout
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