TAL's latest plugin emulates the '80s synth behind the classic rave hoover sound, Roland's Alpha Juno 2

TAL Software has announced the release of TAL-Pha, a new plugin that emulates the sound of the Alpha Juno 2, an analogue synth launched by Roland in the mid-'80s. 

Bringing together digitally-controlled oscillators with analogue filters and a minimal, knob-free interface, the Alpha Juno 2 is associated with the "hoover sound" that can be heard in '90s rave, hard house and trance music. 

TAL-Pha was modelled and calibrated using the MKS-50, the rackmount version of the Alpha Juno 2. The plugin's architecture mirrors the Alpha closely, with a single PWM-capable oscillator (and additional sub-oscillator) running through two filters, a high-pass and a 24db/oct low-pass filter that's been given a resonance boost for self-oscillation. 

Two more features not found in the original synth are the ability to tune each of TAL-Pha's six voices individually, and the option to detune, modulate and sync the pulse part of the DCO. TAL-Pha has brought the Alpha Juno 2 into the 21st century with support for MPE, aftertouch and microtuning.

TAL-Pha also offers a stereo unison mode with up to seven voices, chord mode, a multimode arpeggiator and an effects section with delay, reverb, chorus and EQ. The synth's original factory banks have been included alongside almost 400 new presets cooked up by TAL's crack team of sound designers.

Alpha Juno 2 owners will be pleased to hear that the plugin can read Sysex information from the original hardware and you'll be able to use TAL-Pha as a software controller for the synth. 

TAL-Pha is available in VST/VST3/AU/AAX formats and is priced at $80, with an introductory price of $64.

Find out more on TAL Software's website or watch a side-by-side sound comparison of the plugin with TAL's MKS-50 below. 

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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