Fixing the acoustics in your home studio could be a simple process

If you're looking to sort out that age-old issue of taming those unwanted frequencies bouncing around your home studio, then your first port of call could be t.akustik.

The Thomann brand has everything you need to treat and solve any acoustic issues you may be experiencing at home or in your studio.

Specialising in home cinema and studio environments, the t.akustik website has been carefully designed to aid you in making the right choices when selecting, purchasing and fitting the correct acoustic treatment for your space and budget.

Room concepts

Head to the Room Concepts menu on t.akustik's website and you will find the tools required in choosing the right package for your audio space, be it a rehearsal room, control room, or cinema room. Of course, those three scenarios might not speak for everyone, but you can easily consider them 'playing', 'recording', or 'listening' rooms instead.

One of our video spaces here at MusicRadar recently needed some attention in the acoustic treatment department so we set about measuring up and seeing what the t.akustik website had to offer. 

For this particular scenario, the small-sized option in the Rehearsal Room concept was the ideal solution.

We found the assembly of this particular set in the Premium finish very easy and installation even easier with the aid of seven tubes of glue included in the package. 

All ranges, bar the top-level Pro series, feature lightweight panels that don't require any power tools. 

Despite its solid wood look, the Premium series is decked out with a very lightweight Silver Spruce laminate, whereas the Pro range is constructed with more substantial Birchwood components that will require drilling.

If you want to price up your own studio for acoustic treatment, then check out the t.akustik website for more info.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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