Superbooth 2019 video: This Is Not Rocket Science reveals the new Fenix IV modular synth and it is epic

Superbooth 2019: This Is Not Rocket Science announced at last year's show that it was planning on bringing back the legendary Synton Fenix modular synth.

This year, we were pleased to see that the Amsterdam-based firm has come good on that promise with a fully working prototype being demoed at the show.

The Fenix, although rather daunting on first glance, is laid out quite intuitively, with everything colour-coded in a classic left-to-right architecture so that users of all levels would be able to take on this beast.

This latest version has been updated with a few modern touches, including a USB MIDI interface with 4 CV/gate outputs, some extra oscillators, a compact version of the Wobbler LFO and much more.

We got chatting to Stijn from TINRS to get the full lowdown on the Fenix IV, which will  be available for €5,000 later in the year. Check out the no-talking patch-build video below and more info can be found on the TINRS website.

Simon Arblaster
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