Superbooth 2018: Sequential Prophet X leaked - see it in action!


Superbooth 2018: Dave Smith Instruments/Sequential has teased a video of a new hybrid synth called the Prophet X, which sees the Californian firm team up with software developer, 8Dio.

There are no official details, but according to the video it looks as though the ‘X features four sound sources: two oscillators and two instruments. Our guess is that 8Dio has supplied the tech behind the two instrument slots, which could be sampler/romplers or wavetable engines, or both?

We can also glean from the trailer that the synth has 16-note polyphony and two banks of effects. 

Judging by the image below, it also looks like the Prophet X will be geared up for performance; with the inclusion of two touch modulation strips alongside mod and pitch wheels.

Having missed Dave and crew at this year’s NAMM show, it will be good to catch up with them in Berlin this week, so be sure to check back for demo videos from the show floor soon.


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Simon Arblaster
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