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Summer NAMM 2017: Feel the burn with Firegrain sticks

SUMMER NAMM 2017: Promark has announced the immediate rollout of a new line of drumsticks, the FireGrain series.

The sticks are hickory ones that have been heat-tempered, a process which Promark claims gives them unprecedented durability, while keeping their original weight, balance and feel.

FireGrain will be available in the following models worldwide on August 1 at a UK RRP of £17.49 

FireGrain Classic 7A TX7AW-FG
FireGrain Classic 5A TX5AW-FG
FireGrain Classic 5B TX5BW-FG
FireGrain Classic 2B TX2BW-FG
FireGrain Rebound 5A R5AFG
FireGrain Forward 5A F5AFG
FireGrain Rebound 5B R5BFG
FireGrain Forward 5B F5BFG