Strandberg unveils the latest evolution in its Boden models with refreshed spec on NX Concept series

Strandberg Boden NX Concept
(Image credit: Strandberg)

Strandberg has comprehensively updated its Boden range of headless electric guitars, with the future-forward Swedish company rolling out new hardware, ergonomic new features, and sustainable tonewoods across its new NX Concept series.

As ever, Strandberg is offering these new appointments across a bewildering array of six, seven and eight-string guitars, with a variety of finishes, active and passive pickups and tonewoods on offer – with Richlite now offered as an alternative to ebony on selected models.

The NX Concept range is split into Strandberg's five categories. Those caught between worlds and weighing up a vintage Strat or, y’know, a headless HSS configured electric, might find the the solid-colour finishes of the Classic NX models to their liking. 

Elsewhere, there’s an array of eye-popping flame and quilted maple veneers on the Fusion, Original and Prog NX models, and a total noir option in the Metal NX which makes little secret of the fact it is a state-of-the-art metal guitar

Strandberg Boden NX Concept

(Image credit: Strandberg)

There are a number of big ticket spec updates. Chief among them is this new locking bridge system, the Rev 7. Available on all NX Concept guitars, the Rev 7 uses fewer parts for a more resilient unit that has a self-locking mechanism that grips a new larger hex saddle. This means you simply need a 4mm allen key for adjusting the action and changing strings. 

At the headstock, or where the headstock would be rather, the companion Rev 7 string now uses a one-piece unit that Strandberg promises will be more durable. And there’s one little detail that we particularly like about the new Rev 7 string lock and that’s the extended guides that effectively guard your finger from being jabbed by a sharp string end – there’s nothing worse. 

Strandberg has also revised the neck joint, improving access to the upper frets, and there is an arm cut to enhance comfort while playing. Elsewhere, we’ve got ergo knobs on the volume and tone controls, with an indent and flat edge and indent on a knurled cylinder to let you know where your settings are.

Strandberg Boden NX Concept

(Image credit: Strandberg)

The tonewood options have been refreshed, too, with the focus on more sustainable materials for the NX Concept models. The first run of the Original NX and Prog NX models will have sassafras bodies, with subsequent runs returning to swamp ash owing to supply chain issues. Standberg’s approach to the figured maple tops is interesting. It is using a solid maple top with a figured maple veneer on top, arguing that the solid plain maple is “more structurally stable” and easier to source. 

The Prog NX and Metal NX models will feature Richlite fingerboards. Richlite behaves very much like ebony and is a more eco-friendly option, and will be familiar to anyone who has played Boden’s 6 DR Titanium Limited Edition model, or indeed also across many Martin acoustic guitars. 

Strandberg has also nixed roasted maple for its necks, replacing it with a vintage-tinted kiln-dried maple, which it says reduces waste.

As ever, Strandberg offers options. The Classic NX has a solid alder body and arrives in Malta Blue or Viridian Green, with the choice of maple or rosewood fingerboard. It has a Suhr Thornbucker Plus humbucker in the bridge position with Suhr V60LP single-coils in the middle and neck positions.

The Original NX is offered in six, seven and eight-string versions with finish options including Earth Green, Charcoal Black, Glacier Blue and Autumn Red. The six-string models have dual Suhr SSH+ and SSV humbuckers with the extended-range models having active Fishman humbuckers. 

Strandberg has used chambered Sassafras for the body, topping this with solid maple and flame and quilted maple veneers.

The Fusion NX adds a Suhr V60LP single-coil to the middle position and an EGS Pro Rev7 tremolo system to make this a guitar for all seasons. It is offered in Bonfire Red and Amber Yellow, and has a chambered alder body.

The Prog NX has a chambered sassafras body with the aforementioned maple top and figured maple veneer. Finish options comprise Charcoal Black for the flame maple-topped models, Earth Green on those with a quilt top.

Once more, we have a Suhr dual-humbucker configuration on the six-string model, while the seven-string guitar is equipped with set of active multi-voice Fishman humbuckers. 

The Metal NX model is available with six, seven or eight strings, with Suhr Aldrich humbuckers on the six-string model and active Fishman humbuckers on the extended-range models. 

All arrive with a multi-scale format – running 25”–25.5” on the six-string, 25.5”–26.25” on the seven-string, and 26.5”–28.0” on the eight-string – and have chambered basswood bodies. 

With chambered bodies, such dramatic cutaways and indeed the absence of a headstock, all of these Boden NX Concept models are remarkably lightweight. These new models all ship with a deluxe Venture gig-big and Strandberg's NX multi-tool to make setups a breeze.

The NX Concept series is priced from £1,59. For more information on specs and options, head over to Strandberg. To watch them in action, check out the demo videos below.

Boden Original NX

Boden Fusion NX

Boden Metal NX

Boden NX Prog

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