New Stewart Copeland book promises to be the ‘definitive document’ of The Police drummer's career

Hudson Music has announced the release of Stewart Copeland: Drumming in The Police and Beyond - a brand new book that charts Copeland’s career in The Police, Oysterhead, Gizmodrome and more.

Written by Joe Bergamini, the book has been created with brand new interviews and input from Stewart himself, detailing his upbringing and early life and career, the recording of every Police album and his perspective on the parts he played.

As well as this, it contains a number of never-before-published photos, detailed information on Stewarts kits throughout his career (complete with diagrams of the setups), created alongside Stewart’s longtime drum tech, Jeff Seitz.

It doesn’t stop there though, as Bergamini has also transcribed 18 tracks spanning Stewart Copeland’s career and multiple bands and solo projects. Included in the book are Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Walking on the Moon, Don’t Stand So Close To Me and many more.  

The book promises to be the definitive document of the legendary drummer. Discussing looking back over his career, Stewart says on his YouTube channel, “Most people get to go through life living it, and as new experiences happen some of the other stuff fades - you hold onto some things but basically you’re living in the now.

"But when you’re in the public eye and people are writing books about you, things that you did that you’ve long forgotten about come back, and they are still a thing!

"You think ‘Gosh, Clark Kent! Oh yeah, I remember that.’ And it’s gratifying because there are things there worthy of rememberence. But actually it’s strange how when you’re living a life, you’re pretty much ‘here/today’. You do kind of lose track of where you’ve been."

Stewart Copeland: Drumming in The Police and Beyond is available now as the book or book/poster bundle from Hudson Music.

Stuart Williams

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