Signature Sounds is an undiscovered treasure trove of free samples

signature sounds
(Image credit: Signature Sounds)

As you may know, MusicRadar regularly shares bumper packs of free music samples with the world through SampleRadar.

However, we're always happy to witness such generosity taking place elsewhere on the internet, and point you in the right direction when we do. It's all part of our ongoing quest to bring you the best free music stuff from across the web.

Today we're spotlighting our latest discovery, Signature Sounds, a veritable treasure trove of samples available for download, free of charge. The site's packed with royalty-free goodness, including some notable oddities that have caught our ear. 

Black Pepper One Shots is a selection of spicy percussive hits made by recording the grinding and crushing of black pepper, while Broken Lightbulb Percussion is a pack of crunchy textures created from the sounds of shattered glass and metal. CC0 Orchestral even samples old, copyright-free film scores for vintage orchestral samples. There's also more standard melodic loop packs available, and several collections of field recordings, including Coffee Shop Ambience and Forest Organics. 

As far as we're aware, the maker of Signature Sounds asks for no reimbursement in return for the download and usage of their samples - you don't even have to sign up to a mailing list. "There will be no paid packs, no asking to follow me on social media, or no newsletters," they write on the website. "Any donations will go towards future packs and website upkeep, but just know you do not have to donate to use these packs." However, they do suggest that you buy them a coffee, if you have any spare change.

Visit Signature Sounds' website to find out more.

Matt Mullen
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