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Save 70% on Output’s acclaimed Engines at Native Instruments

Output’s Engines - which run in Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Free Player - have gained a reputation for being among the best sample-based instruments on the market. It’s good news, then, that thanks to NI, you currently have the chance to save 70% on an Essential bundle of them. What’s more, you can choose 10 additional Expansions on top.

The Engines will be familiar to many of you - Rev, X-Loops, Signal, Exhale, Substance, Analog Strings and Analog Brass & Winds - and, taken together, form a formidable music production toolkit. Once you’ve bought the bundle you can go on to choose your 10 Expansions via the Output website.

What’s more, NI is also offering 50% off the individual prices of the Output Engines, giving you another opportunity to save. 

So, if you want expertly-designed vocals, strings, bass and much more, check out the offer below.

Save 70% on Output's Essential Engines and get 10 Expansions
Head on over to the Native Instruments website and take advantage of this amazing offer. You can also save 50% on individual engines.View Deal

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