Polymetric powers and TR-style sequencing await in the new LL8 2 Eurorack sequencer from Robaux

Hamburg-based Robaux has released a new version of its Little 8, an eight-track sequencer Eurorack module, that takes the best bits of the SWT16 to form the new and improved LL8” (2).

The LL8 2 retains the eight tracks each with 16 steps and up to 16 chainable patterns but throws in the backlit silicon button pads of the Sweet 16. This means that the Little 8 ain't so little no more, with version 2 growing to 14HP from the original’s 10HP. 

The unit features the same eight trigger outs and optional MIDI out (via an adapter) and clock input as before but improves on the I/O with an added reset input.

However, the big news is that the LL8 2 is polymetric, so each track can now have a different length and length reset. There’s also legato and a probability function thrown in too.

Folks in and around Europe can pre-order the LL8 2 at such outlets as Scheidersladen for €198 and you'll find more info on the Robaux website

Simon Arblaster
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