Remute continues his vintage console odyssey with the release of an album for the Sega Dreamcast

Remute Dreamcast album
(Image credit: Remute)

He’s already created albums for the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Genesis and N64 and now German electro-pop artist Remute is moving into 128-bit territory with a Sega Dreamcast record.

Released in 1998, the Dreamcast was Sega’s final console. It was discontinued in 2001, after which Sega pivoted to being a software developer only. Generations features 15 new songs and visuals by Duranik, developer of popular Dreamcast shoot ‘em up Sturmwind.

This time around, Remute is promising a dose of nostalgic yet futuristic synthwave with hints of Detroit techno. This, in turn, “morphs into lucid ambient sculptures which get atomised into electrons moving around in vaporwave space on their way to a chamber of eternity somewhere located in a hidden multiverse surfing on cosmic expansion.”

There are no region locks on the album, so it should work on most Dreamcasts. It’ll also play on any CD player, though you’ll miss out on the visuals if you go down this road.

You can pre-order Generations on Bandcamp for €25. It’ll be released on or around 11 November.

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