Remute calls for Unity as he releases a new album for the Game Boy Advance

German electro-pop artist Remute is back with another album-on-a-video-game-cartridge, this time for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. 

Titled Unity, this 15-track long-player follow’s Remute’s releases for the Game Boy, Genesis and N64. As always, all the music is created in real-time, this time created using an audio engine that was developed by demoscene and GBA coder HorstBaerbel.

There’s also a GUI and an accompanying 3D-animated video clip that was made by artist and gamedev Blue G.

"If your inner world is disrupted and confused, don't lose hope: there's another place where all the dots get connected and Unity prevails,” says Remute of the new record.

“Slide and glide into the incomputable beauty of the multiverses. Let's integrate and then disperse!"

The album comes on a 32MB cartridge and runs on the GBA, GBA SP, Game Boy Micro, Nintendo DS (lite) and Analogue Pocket. There are no region locks or incompatibilities - it should just work.

Unity will be released on 5 August and can be pre-ordered now on Bandcamp for €35. There’s also a Plus edition that adds limited-edition white 7-inch vinyl - this costs €45.

Ben Rogerson

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