Plugin Boutique are offering up to 70% off Soundtoys plugins this Cyber Monday

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Plugin Boutique has unveiled some ridiculous reductions across the Soundtoys plugin range - in some cases as much as 70%, with savings adding up to hundreds in real cash terms! This is without a doubt one of the best Cyber Monday plugin deals we've spotted this year.

There are plenty of highlights, starting with the Soundtoys 5 Plugin Bundle, which gives you access to all 19 of Soundtoys' big hitters in one swift purchase. Right now it’s reduced from its regular price of £399.95 down to just £189.95, saving you a cool £210. 

Soundtoys plugins and bundles: up to 70% off

Soundtoys plugins and bundles: up to 70% off
Soundtoys offers a range of plugins that will serve as go-to effects in your DAW. There’s everything from mic preamp emulations to delays, reverbs, dynamics, modulation, filtering, vocal effects and more! 

The same applies to the Soundtoys Effect Rack, which includes a 14-strong collection of plugins including the Crystalizer reverb, EchoBoy delay, Radiator Altec emulation, Devil-Loc Limiter and many more. The effects rack normally costs £239.95, but here you’re saving £129.99 and paying just £109.96.

Of course, there’s reductions on individual plugins too, so if you’re only after a few individual effects you can save big. The awesome Crystalizer Granular Reverb and PrimalTap Delay have had their £84.99 prices decimated by 70%, bringing the price you pay down to just £34.06 each

There’s savings to be had on everything from dynamics, like the Devil-Loc limiter at just £24.95, vocal effects such as the Little AlterBoy pitch/formant shifter which is now £34.96, FilterFreak dual filterbank with 70% off (£34.96) and the Decapitator saturation tool, currently £59.95, down from £159.95.

But it doesn’t end there, because making any purchase also qualifies you to choose another plugin as a free gift. On the menu is Heaviocity Punish Lite (worth £39.95), Mastering The Mix Levels (£49), Applied Acoustics AAS Player + (£28.96) and United Plugins Autoformer (£79.95).

You’ll need an ilok account to run the plugins, but thankfully these days that can be done digitally without the need for any dongles. So you can purchase your plugins, install and authorise them and start using them today!

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