Play Space Oddity with the new limited-edition Bowie Stylophone

David Bowie and Stylophone
(Image credit: Mark Adams/Dubreq Ltd via AP Images)

Dubreq have announced a limited-edition version of the Stylophone that celebrates David Bowie's career-long association with the stylus-operated analogue synthesizer.

The Bowie Stylophone features a Bowie-inspired design and is accompanied by a commemorative booklet that explores the musician's relationship with the instrument.

Bowie famously used the Stylophone on Space Oddity after the manufacturer sent him a complimentary unit following the product's launch. He became a longtime Stylophone devotee, recording with the synthesizer as recently as 2002, on the track Slip Away. 

Speaking about Bowie's affinity for the instrument, American record producer Tony Visconti said: “For many years to come Bowie and Stylophone were names that were matched in the same breath. He would be very proud of this new incarnation named after him.”

“There’s a big resurgence in interest in the mini synthesizer from young musicians." said Dubreq's John Simpson. "This limited edition Stylophone is a great way to commemorate David’s affection for the instrument and to inspire the next generation of musicians to create even more great music with the Stylophone.”

The Bowie Stylophone is on sale now. To find out more, visit Dubreq's website.

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