Pittsburgh Modular's Taiga analogue synth just got upgraded with a keyboard and expansion bay for Eurorack modules: "Install a 4th or 5th oscillator and create truly monster sounds"

Last year, we reported on the release of Pittsburgh Modular's Taiga, a new semi-modular analogue synth that promised to "push the boundaries of analogue synthesis".

In its original format, Taiga is a desktop synth that can be operated standalone in a wooden enclosure or form part of a Eurorack setup as a 60hp module. This week, Pittsburgh Modular has announced the Taiga Keyboard, a keyboard-equipped version of the synth that also features something we don't see in a great deal of hardware synths: a modular expansion bay. 

The expansion bay offers 24hp of powered Eurorack space, meaning you can expand the synth with any modules of your choosing, augmenting its capabilities with anything from additional oscillators and filters to sequencers, effects or even a sampler. Pittsburgh says this means Taiga Keyboard can be "customized to meet the unique needs of any artist". 

In addition to the synth's 37-key, velocity-sensitive and aftertouch-enabled keybed, you'll find dedicated pitch and modulation wheels. Taiga Keyboard's larger size has allowed Pittsburgh to include larger knobs and a more spacious interface, along with a second analogue LFO. 

Aside from these upgrades, Taiga Keyboard shares the same architecture as its little brother, and is equipped with three analogue oscillators that offer four core waveforms alongside wavefolding and pulse-width modulation, running through a two-pole, 12db/octave analogue filter. Find out more about the original Taiga's specs here

Taiga Keyboard is priced at $1299/€1359.

Watch a sound demo below or find out more on Pittsburgh Modular's website.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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