Pioneer brings Beatport streaming to its flagship CDJ-3000: access 11 million songs from your CDJs

Pioneer has announced a firmware update for their flagship CDJ-3000 multiplayer that introduces StreamingDirectPlay, a feature that gives DJs the ability to browse and play tracks from streaming platform Beatport directly from the CDJs. 

DJs must be signed up to Beatport's Professional or Advanced subscription plans if they want to take advantage of the new feature. Once logged in, they're able to browse the platform's catalogue of 11 million songs, access their own personal playlists and play tracks on up to 4 CDJ-3000 units linked through the PRO DJ LINK network. 

Thanks to Pioneer's Touch Preview feature, DJs using the brand's new generation of mixers will be able to preview tracks from Beatport without loading them to a CDJ-3000, making the browsing and selection process quicker and easier while helping to avoid accidentally blasting the track you're trying to preview over the speakers. 

In addition to the new StreamingDirectPlay feature, the CDJ-3000 already offers CloudDirectPlay, a feature that hooks up with your personal Rekordbox library to stream music hosted elsewhere. 

Together with CloudDirectPlay, StreamingDirectPlay means that club DJs no longer need to carry USB drives loaded with their music: however, as the system requires a reliable internet connection to operate, and many clubs and venues don't offer CDJ-3000s, it doesn't seem likely that cloud streaming will become the norm for professional DJs any time soon.

Find out more on Pioneer's website or download the 3.00 firmware update.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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