Peavey updates its digital amplifier lineup with the feature-packed VYPYR X Series

Peavey has updated its digital guitar amp range with the new feature-stacked VYPYR X series. Indeed, there are so many amp models and effects under the hood that the amp titan says it would cost you over $50,000 to buy them individually.

Of course, you could say that about any amp modeller – the abundance of choice is all part of the appeal, that and the convience. But the feature list is certainly generous here, with the flagship VYPYR X3 model equipped with 36 onboard amp models, including six voiced for acoustic guitar and six bass amps, and 26 onboard amp effects.

Furthermore, there are 10 instrument models, which means you can turn your electric guitar into a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar, and so on. Allied to the expanded range of sounds, the VYPYR X series now has Bluetooth capability, allowing you to stream audio and jam along through the amplifier, or to control the amp and access your presets using the accompanying iOS app. 

Peavey VYPYR X Series digital modelling amps

(Image credit: Peavey)

When Peavey launched the first-generation VYPYR series in 2008, one of the big talking – and selling – points was its TransTube technology, which offered an analogue overdrive that sounded more like a tube amp, and crucially left more of the amp's DSP power free to render its amp models and effects. 

Updated for the VYPYR X series, it allows you to run up to five effects simultaneously, and Peavey promises that its response and power will help it cut through a live mix. Similarly, the semi-open-back cabinets have been engineered to improve volume and tone.

Elsewhere, you've got a self-explanatory WYSIWYG control panel that should help the  avowedly analogue execute a stress-free pivot to digital. Even if you are using the presets, there are LEDs around the control knobs to let you know how the amp is configured and help you avoid any nasty surprises. 

Peavey VYPYR X Series digital modelling amps

(Image credit: Peavey)

Should you purchase the optional Sanpera footswitch, the VYPYR X comes with a looper. Otherwise, all of the amp's features are accessible via the control panel. There's a headphones out for silent practice and a 3.5mm aux in.

Peavey has released the VYPYR X series in three sizes: the VYPYR X3, which is a 100W combo with a 12" speaker (£399 / $499), the 40W X2 (£302 / $349), and the 20W X1 (£229 / $179), which is equipped with an 8" speaker. The X3 has a whopping 400 user-assignable presets. Again, all are accessible via the control panel. While the X2 and X1 have 16.

The Peavey VYPYR X series is available now. See Peavey for more details.

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