Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott’s Texas house goes up for sale at $750,000

Vinnie Paul Abbott's Arlington, Texas house
(Image credit: Hartford Realty Group/Zillow)

The Arlington, Texas home of late Pantera/DamagePlan/Hellyeah drummer, Vinnie Paul has gone on the market with an asking price $750,000.

The distinctive gated house, with its two central columns and 30-foot barrelled ceilings was built in 1995, and sits on a hilltop plot covering around 1.5 acres, with views of nearby Forth Worth, Veridian Lake, Las Colinas and Arlington. It was also home to the recording sessions for Hellyeah's 2010 album, Stampede.

Boasting four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, an outdoor pool - which was famously originally shaped to resemble a bottle of Vinnie's beloved Crown Royal whisky, with the jacuzzi posing as the bottle cap - as well as a spa and sauna, the property also contains a ‘secret’ concealed safe room.

The house - once described by Alice in Chains' William DuVall as the "quintessential rock-n-roll bachelor pad playground" still shows signs from Vinnie Paul’s time there, including a number of VIP passes stuck to one of the bathroom mirrors, as well as his name set into the concrete garage floor.

In 2016, Vinnie Paul told LoudWire about an incident that took place at the house following the Dallas Stars hockey team’s victory in The Stanley Cup, resulting in the esteemed hockey trophy getting damaged.

“Me and Dime wrote the song to help propel the 1999 Dallas Stars to the Stanley Cup. My best buddy on the team - all of them became really good friends - Craig Ludwig called me from Buffalo and says, 'If we win this thing tonight, you better have your house ready to party.' 

"I loaded up four or five cases of Crown Royal and everything…and they came to two places. They came to a place called The Big Apple, which is a bar we all hung out in Arlington, and then they came to my house. 

“They brought the Stanley Cup, and we brought every strip dancer we could find in town and it was the best party you've ever seen. At about five o'clock in the morning, we're all out in the pool, the hot tub - it's just party, party, party. 

“Then here comes Guy Carbonneau and he's got the Cup and [he goes] 'Hey Luddy! Catch the Cup!' and he throws it off the balcony and it gets right about to there and goes 'doink' off the side of the pool and into the water and we jumped on it and sank it to the bottom. 

“The Cup keeper, the guy you see on the commercial, he says, 'You cannot do that - that's the Stanley Cup!' and we're like, 'We just fucking did it dude!' It was pretty awesome man."

Culturemap Dallas reports that the property is currently owned by Metrodex Aquisitions LLC, which was established by vendor Hartford Realty Group's Chris Johnston after Vinnie Paul’s untimely death aged 54 in 2018.

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