Pallas is a sub-€50, semi-modular, analogue modelling synth for Ableton Live

Max for Cats has released a new Max for Live device called Pallas, an eight-voice polyphonic, semi-modular, analogue modelling synth.

Powered by three oscillators, Pallas also features a pair of multimode resonant filters, two LFOs, a ring modulator, and six audio effects (delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift and chorus). In addition, the synth includes an eight-step sequencer that can be used as a signal modulator.

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Taking its cues from the previously released Bengal, Pallas also utilises the virtual patch panel, enabling users to create any number of custom signal and modulation chains.

Pallas is available now for €49 and requires Live 9 and Max for Live. It can be purchased on the Ableton website.

Pack features 

  • Eight-Voice polyphony
  • Three oscillators (two with mixable waveforms and one wavetable oscillator)
  • Two multimode resonant filters
  • Two flexible LFOs
  • Eight-Step sequencer
  • Virtual patch panel
  • Visual control panel
  • Six native audio effects (including delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift, and chorus)
  • Eight Push-ready macros with free patching functionality
  • Web-Based remote control

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