NAMM 2022: Yamaha reveals fresh finishes for its groundbreaking THR30II Wireless desktop guitar amplifier

Yamaha THR30II Wireless
(Image credit: Yamaha)

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NAMM 2022: Yamaha has expanded the finish options for its THR30II Wireless desktop guitar amp, offering the feature-packed amplifier in new black and white colourways. Now, a new paintjob on an amp would not ordinarily be headline news but the THR series is different.

Originally debuted in 2011 then updated a year later with the redesigned and upgraded THRII models, it changed how we thought of the guitar amplifier. 

Here was a compact digital amplifier with a range of convincing sounds in a format and design that would make it a superb option for the domesticated guitar playing. This was the amp that could fit on your desktop, the so-called ‘third amp’ – the hi-tech practice amp that could also be used for home recording.

But what sealed the deal for many players was that its aesthetics had a home audio vibe that made it look perfectly at home – park it beside your hi-fi, the Blu-ray player or the TV and it’d look the part.

Indeed, one of the few caveats in MusicRadar’s 2022 review of the 30-watt THR30II was the lack of finish options. Hitherto, Yamaha had only offered the THR30II in cream With new black and white finishes, the 10th anniversary models address those complaints, and for any guitar player whose house is populated by Sonos devices, these would fit right in.

Nothing has changed with the functionality. These are still the same amps. That means you have a heap of features for practice and home recording. There are 15 digital guitar amp models, five core amps – Special, Hi Gain, Lead, Crunch and Clean – with a three-way mode switch to offer Classic,  Modern and Boutique voicings. 

There is also a trio of bass amps, and valve, condenser and dynamic mic models for acoustic electric guitars, plus flat voicings at your fingertips, programmable sounds, onboard effects, and a respectable 30-watts of power – and you can take it anywhere, hooking it up via the Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter (sold seperately) to go wireless.

The Extended Stereo Technology technology means you get a big, wide sound from a small guitar amp, and you can stream audio via Bluetooth or play it through the auxiliary input.

The new black and white variants of the THR30II Wireless are available now, priced £499 / $549 street. See Yamaha for more details.

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