MusicRadar's tech gear of the year awards 2022

The 10 best new hardware synths of 2022, as decided by you

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

(Image credit: Future)

After what feels a bit like a two-year pause in the industry, the post-Covid supply lines seem to be slowly coming back up to speed.

Which is a good thing too, as the pandemic didn't seem to dampen most synth manufacturers' thirst for development and in 2022, we started to see some of the fruits of those labours.

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The best new plugins and software of 2022, as voted for by you

Devious Machines Infiltrator 2

(Image credit: Devious Machines)

To paraphrase super-hot producer Fred Again - who himself was channelling dictionary doyen Samuel Johnson - if you're a musician and you're bored with your laptop, you're bored of life.

OK, a computer running software might be a more prosaic creative option than a studio full of vintage analogue hardware, but if you're looking for a music production setup that offers high quality, versatility, reliability and value for money, one that's centred around a PC or Mac trumps everything else.

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The 7 best new MIDI controllers and sequencers of 2022, as voted for by you

Arturia Minilab mk3

(Image credit: Arturia)

We may have asked you to vote for the best new MIDI controller or sequencer of 2022, but the reality is that you may have been voting for both.

Confused? We’re referring to the fact that many of today’s new MIDI keyboards come with sequencing features baked right into them, meaning that you can do all your ‘controlling’ from a single device.

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The 10 best new audio interfaces of 2022, according to you

Universal Audio Volt 476

(Image credit: Universal Audio)

You might wonder what there is for audio interface manufacturers left to achieve. After all, there’s already a multitude of highly capable boxes on the market that do a great job of getting high-quality sound in and out of your computer.

But times change, and audio interfaces are changing with them. Increasingly, we’re seeing features that are targeted directly at podcasters and streamers, such as loopback modes that enable you to mix mic and instrument inputs with audio from any apps you might be running. Widespread adoption of USB-C connectivity is notable, too.

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The best new studio gear of 2022, according to you


(Image credit: SSL)

Yes, it's the best of the rest in 2022! In all seriousness, this is the go-to studio gear of the year - the unsung studio heroes. Crucial bits and pieces we all use but that often do not get a fair share of the limelight.

Our shortlist of new products covered multiple price points, representing a variety of cornerstone production gear. Your votes have been counted, and we've put together a list of your top ten pieces of essential studio kit, from mixers to microphones to loopers and effects units.

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