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MusicRadar hands-on: Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 demo

Michael Astley-Brown and Simon Arblaster are back in the studio after what feels like an age, a little older and slightly rusty perhaps, but nonetheless hungry to get their mitts on Hughes & Kettner’s latest offering, the Black Spirit 200.

First announced only a couple of months ago the unnervingly compact 200-watter promised to “redefine the guitar amplifier”. And did it deliver on that promise? Well, it is a whole lot of amp in such a small package, and it most certainly sounds like a tube amp, so whatever H&K is doing with the Spirit Tone Generator, we like it a lot.

The Black Spirit 200 is utterly packed to the gills with features, including Bluetooth, onboard reverb, delay and modulation effects, power amp sagging control, Red Box DI output with eight cab simulations and outputs for cabs and FRFR speakers - oof!

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