Music for Peace: Erica Synths to donate to Ukraine

Music for peace
(Image credit: Erica Synths)

Latvian synth and FX wizards Erica Synths has announced a Music for Peace initiative, which will see the firm donate much of its income to aid organisations working in Ukraine.

"Erica Synths continues to stand with the people of Ukraine", reads a statement on its website, "and we will donate all of the income - both manufacturing costs and profit - from our sales of several instruments to humanitarian aid organisations helping in Ukraine and providing support where it is needed the most.

"Donations will be made via the biggest charity agency in Latvia - and for full transparency we will publicly inform about the donations made. This will involve the following instruments - Black Digital NoiseBlack Dual EG/LFOSequential Switch II & Snazzy FX - Mini Ark, Wow & Flutter, Tracer City. 

"The campaign will be on-going until all stock is sold out and ABSOLUTELY ALL INCOME will be donated."

Since the initiative was announced this weekend, Erica says over $6000 euros has been raised, and the firm has now added Graphic VCO and, in collaboration with its partners at Gamechanger Audio, the Plasma Drive eurorack module to the fundraising effort.

Naturally, MusicRadar applauds this initiative. Could Erica Synths be the first of many gear and music firms to make similar pledges?

Music for peace

(Image credit: Erica Synths)
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