Muse are opening an online store on Reverb and selling a ton of stage-played gear – including Kemper Profilers loaded with Matt Bellamy’s tones

Muse live onstage in 2019: Muse today announced the opening of their official Reverb store
(Image credit: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images)

Muse are the latest high-profile band to hook up with retail giant Reverb and open up an official online store where they are selling a veritable bounty of played – and well-thrashed – instruments, including stage pianos, guitar speaker cabinets, vintage fuzz pedals and amp modellers.

The full list of gear has yet to be announced. Thus far, there is – sadly – no sign that Matt Bellamy is parting with his sci-fi synth and electric guitar paraphernalia. 

There is no laser glove, no Oryx-style guitar with integrated Kaoss Pad. Not yet at least. But you can nail Bellamy and bass guitar player Chris Wolstenholme’s tones courtesy of their Kemper Kemper Profiler Power Racks. Nailing your favourite player’s sound has never been easier, just, uhh, plug in, baby. The shop officially opens 2 August.

Arguably, the highlight from the sale preview is a pair of Kawai MP8-2s. Both come with impressive onboard power, with 256 editable sounds arranged in eight categories, the capability to play 192 notes – you can use this to play along to Rocket Man, play Doors-style Rhodes piano, or even mimic a nylon-string guitar

But these pianos have enjoyed different fortunes. One will be remembered as the piano Bellamy stood on when playing the War Child charity show at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire in 2013. Hey, those Kawai pianos had a reputation for rugged build. 

The other was a little more loved, and housed inside a grand piano shell for Muse’s The Black Holes and Revelations tour.

For the guitar or bass player in your life, there is the a Marshall 4X12 speaker cab, with the Muse logo stencilled on the back in yellow. Wolstenholme’s vintage Electro-Harmonix Russian Big Muff is also up for sale. It looks well used and yet looks as though it might last forever.

We are not sure if his Marshall Bass State B150 combo will. That was Wolstenholme’s go-to practice amp up until the The 2nd Law Tour. If it is the same B150 from his Instagram video, it might need a minute in the shop to get it back to its best.

Elsewhere, there are a four Ernie Ball Stereo 25K OHM volume pedals, which all served tours of duty on his pedalboard from the Absolution to Back Holes and Revelations era, Dominic Howard is selling his steel Tama snare drum, which he used on The Black Holes and Revelations tour. 

You can check out the Official Muse Reverb Shop preview here.

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