Moog Music denies accusations of workplace discrimination and misogyny made in $1m lawsuit

Moog Factory
(Image credit: Future)

Synth manufacturer Moog Music has released a statement responding to accusations of workplace misogyny and discrimination made by a former employee in a civil rights lawsuit.

The claims came to light in a story in the Asheville Blade, a local news site based in Moog’s home city. It details the story of Hannah Green, a former Moog employee who joined the company in 2018.

She says that, as well as experiencing sexism and discrimination - specifically in regard to “hiring and job promotion” and “the assignment of duties, job functions and titles” - she was assaulted and threatened with violence.

Green left Moog Music in 2020, and is seeking more than $1m in compensation, damages and attorney’s fees. 

Here is Moog Music’s statement in full:

“This statement concerns unsubstantiated allegations made within an online article that recently appeared in the Asheville Blade. The article details supposed incidents of an ex-Moog Music employee who filed a lawsuit against Moog Music claiming discrimination and retaliation. 

"Moog categorically denies these claims, which are false. The author of the Asheville Blade article did not contact Moog Music or give us an opportunity to comment, respond to, or refute any of these false allegations.

“Given the matter is subject to pending litigation, we can only comment on some of the facts. First, this former employee filed a charge of discrimination with the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), and the EEOC subsequently investigated and dismissed the claim. 

"Second, Moog Music conducted its own internal investigation and found that the allegations of the accuser regarding discrimination and retaliation to be unsubstantiated.

“We recognise that discrimination and abuse is too common of an occurrence at workplaces around the world and we stand as allies with those who have experienced these inexcusable behaviours. We trust that people who know our organisation, have been to our facilities, and have interacted with our employees, know that they are loving and respectful people. 

"Our executive leadership (50 per cent female, average female tenure ~9 years) will continue to focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment for our employees and will have nothing further to say on this matter until the litigation is finalised.” 


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