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Moog brings back the Werkstatt-01, a $199 DIY analogue synth with a classic sound

If you’ve always wanted to own a Moog synth but could never quite justify/afford one, maybe you need to give the Werkstatt-01 a try. Originally launched at Moogfest 2014, and available for a limited time afterwards, this is back for the holiday season priced at just $199.

A DIY project - don’t worry, it’s easily put together - the Werkstatt-01 is a patchable and compact analogue synth that’s ideal for learning the basic principles of sound design. This re-issue also includes the 3.5mm CV Expander, giving you more connectivity options and flexibility.

It was the Werkstatt-01 that kickstarted Moog’s recent line of semi-modular synths, which now includes the Mother-32, DFAM, Grandmother, Matriarch and Subharmonicon. It includes a single full-range analogue oscillator with selectable waveforms, a Moog Ladder Filter and an LFO for adding movement to your sounds. There’s also a two-stage analogue envelope generator with sustain.

The CV Expander includes 12 jacks and can be used to reconfigure the Werkstatt-01’s circuits or hook it up to other synths, Eurorack systems, drum machines and more.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Werkstatt-01 can be easily modded - Moog has even put together a series of videos that show you how to do it.

Find out more on the Moog website.

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